Welcome to May and Happy Mother’s Day

Hope everyone who reads this blog is doing well. Things here at Jack’s place seem to be good now and I hope that everything continues to go well. I am in a good mental spot right now. But that can change because depression is a real bitch.

Let’s see what else is going on. Work is going well. No serious issues. I am getting used to my new role. As most know I am not a Tech Support Analyst. I do like my new job. I help customers three days a week and two days a week I am offline doing my analyst work. This is just the start. I just keep hoping that everything will continue to go well at work and look forward to many projects we will be working on.

Now, let’s talk about my weight loss. As everyone knows, my weight in July of last year was around 235-240 pounds. I was and still am an ugly ass, However, my weight now has dropped down to 177-180. So, weight loss continues at a slower place. What I know that I need to do is get off my ass and start walking more. I stopped. But I get bad anxiety about walking in public, so I tend to get all in my head. I have added a graphic that shows more of my weight loss. My eating habits are good and bad at times. I must start watching more of what I eat. I eat some bad stuff for food, but I am still getting better. Also, my A1C was the lowest it ever has been at 5.6 as of my last doctor’s visit. I was very happy with that. I am sure it will go up on my next visit. My App says I am at 5.9 but I will take it, my height number was around 12.4 when I started my journey to get my sugar under control. It’s taken a while and I started this journey just before the COVID Pandemic hit the world. If we had a better president at the time, which should have been Hillary Clinton, she would have had this under control while the previous occupant of The White House thought it was all a joke and as a result hundreds of thousands of people died that did not need to.

Well, let’s move on to my love life. Well, there is nothing to report, so we shall move on. It’s my fault. I don’t think I want to date anyone, but I am more that sure no one wants to date me, if they do, they haven’t made it clear to me and certainly haven’t hit on me. We just move to the next thing. LOL.

That is all that I have for now thanks for reading. Also please go to www.jackamus.com to read this and sign up to get notified when I make a new most. You’ll get an email, and I don’t send out emails other than that and that is built on Word Press. Also, you can leave comments on the website. Thanks for getting this far. Take care. Love ya! — Jackamus

PS: Hey Kevin if you are reading this today! LOL

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Time Sure Is Flying By………..

Wow, I can’t believe time is going by so fast. Not a lot is really going on. I recently took another role as a Tech Support Analyst, and we have had some training and transition to provide tech support. I’ll begin soon another 6 days of training for my new role, and I am excited about that. Recently my former senior manager nominated me the Carrer Development. It will help me do more at my job. It will give me some training in networking, interviews and so much more. I am excited about that. I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Just have to work hard at the tech support via chat. It’s not easy and I get easily upset about it. I want to resolve the issue for that person who is reaching out for help. I get annoyed that I sometimes can’t resolve their issue. I am sure that will change over time as I get use to the new role and what it does. Right now, I have been told I would be on chats three days a week and then two days a week I will be on projects. That will improve the customer experience and the internal employee experience. I am very excited about the role.

Now more about me. LOL. My mental health is stable at the moment. I do have issues from time to time with depression and isolation that I experience. I’ve thought about getting the AMC A-List again so I can start going to the movies. I love going to the movies. The place I would have to go to is about 15-30 minutes away all depending on traffic. I took a trip there to see how it was. Coming come I also got killed by a semi-truck. Thankfully nothing happened, because I sure I would have been killed. The driver of the truck was a real asshole.

My weight is still coming down. I am down to 178. Keep in mind I was 240 back in July of 2022. So, I have come a long way. I hope to shed a few more pounds. Which means I got to get my ass of the computer and watching tv to go out and walk for at least 30 mins. I was doing it for a while. but I have not done it much lately. I really need to do it.

Recently I have made my best friend mad. I’ve never meant ill will toward him. Sometime my approach to him and others comes across wrong. I know I have work to do in that area. But I did tell him, I do support that he is doing, and I am going to try and do a better job of being his friend. In all honesty he is my only best friend and if he stops talking to me it would probably destroy me. I did apologize and really hope he forgives me because I never meant any harm at all.

I really would like to go on date with someone. LOL. But since I don’t put myself out there no one is really going to ask me out. I will probably be single for life. At this point I only talk to coworkers via Slack, I talk my best friend sometimes daily. We also have some very long chats. Thos are my favorite. I also talk to a couple people via Facebook. That is about it. It sounds like I talk to a lot of people, but I really do not.

Well, I think I will close this out now. Also, I always have a crush (if you want to call it that) on the wrong people. Oh well. I won’t say who I have crush on, but I digress. So, with that I am done for this blog. I hope you read this far and loved the comments. Feel free to leave comets on the page. But I do know not a lot of people read my blog, but that is okay., This is blog is for me to express myself and get things off my chest. Ok I am really closing it out now. Bye-bye and take are!


Jackamus (Jack)

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Life, Job, Weight Goal Updates.

A lot has gone on since my last update. In my last boring update, I advised that the company I have worked for 22.5 years was eliminating my role. Well, that was true and did happen as of 03/17/2023, however. I was able to land a new role with said company and that role began on 03/19/2023. For me, the role is a step up from what I was doing before plus some new and exciting things I am looking for. I accepted a role as Tech Support Analyst. Not sure everything it will entail just yet, but I am super excited to still be employed. Life continues as it has been work-wise, and things are good. I did start my training which will last a few weeks. I was excited but also nervous about the new role, but I got a great compliment from one of my managers who said, I will do great, and she thinks I am one of the smartest people to have accepted the new role. That really made my day. So, currently, things are stable on the job front.

Working Hard??

My mental health has been good, for the most part. I have my moments but landing the new role at work has brought my stress and anxiety back down to manageable levels. That makes me happy to know that for now I have one less thing to worry about unless something else comes up. My weight loss goal is closer in sight. As of my last weight check I was sitting now at 179. That is down from the 185 I was stuck at. So, things are moving in the right direction, so that makes me happy. I still watch what I am eating most of the time. I have sweets from time to time. Not to mention other unhealthy food but it’s less. I am still going for walks, although not as I did before. I know that I need to get back out there and walk more but sometimes my anxiety takes over and I just stay inside. Also, my new shift is a little different than what I had and tends to get in the way of things, but we shall see what we can do about that. I may go for a walk today and at lunch time. Get out of here and walk for about 25 to 30 minutes.

Still “rocking” the single life. Nothing is happening on that front. But that is okay. I don’t expect much change on that front. One, I don’t work in a public office, so I can’t really “fish off the company pier”. Two, I don’t list myself on dating apps much and the ones I do I get no nibbles or bites, if I do it’s a bot or someone who I would have no interest in. At least I have my dreams. That is where things will have to stay for now.

Thanks so much for reading and comments. Remember you can subscribe to the blog, there is a link at the bottom of the page to register. Till next time, take care!

Take Care,


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A Lot Is Going on in Life Right Now! Very stressful.

A lot is going on right now—lots of stress related to work and personal life. My weight is increasing, and I keep going from 180-185. I am stuck in that range, which is better than the 240 where I was. Still hasn’t helped me land a boyfriend, partner, or whatever else you want to call it. Which I guess is fine, I suppose. As I have said before, I always fall for the wrong person, and get a crush on the wrong person and if you are reading my blog that person might know who they are, even though they are straight, but that is all right. They are nice and handsome people.

Healthwise everything is going well, other than getting old and about to be forty-eight soon. I’ll be honest, I thought I would be gone from this work before then, but I am hanging around, but I often don’t understand why I am hanging around. I have absolutely nothing going for me now. Diabetes is under control, my last A1C was 5.7 which is good for someone with typ2 diabetes. I do feel better with it being under control but damn, my feet hurt nonstop. The medication doesn’t help and I now I only take Lyrica when my feet are hurting. They hurt bad at night making me want to cut them the hell off, but I know I can’t do that. And as we type my feet are feeling so damn bad. I need to talk to my doctor to see what else can be done. The pain keeps me up at night.

Work is in flux right now. In less than 23 days I might be unemployed, and my position with where I work is being eliminated. I got that notice on 02/17/2023. Never in my life did I think I would get a notice like that. I have no ill feelings toward the company or co-workers at all. Most are great and I have known them for many, many years. I have applied for a few other roles, and I do have an interview for one as a Sr. Tech Rep. I am nervous about the interview, but I think I will do all right. I just must try and NOT be nervous. I’ll take my beta blocker before the interview, so that should help me stay calm and focused. But again, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the place where I have worked for 22.5 years. I’m okay with whatever happens but I would like to stay with the company and continue my lengthy career. They have always been good to me and fair and really came through for me when my mother died when I had to go out on Long Term Disability when I was having to deal with her passing. I still miss her every day as well.

It just seems like sometimes I can’t catch a break. In 2022, I lost an apartment I lived in for 14 years, even though it had some serious issues, I liked where I lived. It was nice, quiet, and peaceful. Also, in the middle of everywhere I go. Now I am in a place I am not familiar with but at least some of the places I go to are close and easy to get to. I will say that traffic really, really sucks here as well and anyone who really knows me knows that I hate to drive. It’s one of my least favorite things to do in life. Then of course this month, I got the notice that my job is being realigned and I was just starting to get my head above water. Now I might be drowning again. I need a real break. Can’t I just win the lotto or something and pay off all my bills and just get ahead for a little while? Just a little while is all I ask. I don’t know why it seems like the universe I’m out to get my life hell. I just want one break. Oh well, this is my lot in life.

Pretty moving colors

I’ll just sit here in my lonely apartment, listen to my worship, praise music, and watch all the nice colors that are flowing on my ceiling and try and relax and go back to sleep before I have work in the AM. I’ll upload a video. It’s pretty cool. Just lying down and watching the colors can sometimes be relaxing.

Well, that is all that I have for now. I really do hope that you read the blog. I love reading comments, when and if I get them. This blog is very personal and helps me with my mental health by being able to share things. Not that it brings anyone closer to me, but it is my outlet to share my feelings and my boring lonely life. Well, thanks for reading this far. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for all your support.

Take care,


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Weightloss Journey Continues

This is probably the single thing I have been proud of recently. I continue to lose weight but at a much slower pace. I will take what I can get. I’ve enclosed another graph to help show my weight loss. Diabetes is still under control. My A1C was 5.7 as of my last test in December 2022. Oh, and my Novovax COVID vaccine study is finally over after two long years. No more jabs and blood draws.

Tending down

Other than that, not much is going on in my life now. I work some and take too many FML days, and vacation days. Always seems to happen at the start of the year. I have plenty left, I just need to manage it better. Which is a struggle in and of itself. All I can really do is keep doing what I am doing and hope for a great year. Hell, I will take just a good year as long as I do not have to move again for at least a couple of years. I hate moving and driving as most people who know me know. It’s two things at annoy me the most. That and I hate change. Change for the sake of change is never good.

Well, I think that is it for now. I honestly don’t have much else to really say. Keep an eye on this space for future updates.

Take Care,


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