Somewhat of a Wasted Weekend

Let me start out by saying you really do not know how truly alone in this world you are until your birthday comes along and goes right by. No phones call from anyone. No text messages from anyone. I take that back, I did get two text messages from co-workers telling me Happy Birthday and that made me feel a little better. But still there is nothing like getting two hundred Facebook messages out of five thousand “friends”. They are literally people have never met and probably never will meet. A few out of that bunch were from co-workers of which I will never again see in person because we are no longer working in the building but from home. We might see each other one more time when we get the chance to get our personal belongings sometime in the near future.

Most of my weekend was spent just watching TV. I didn’t even want to be on the computers much. Even though I did put the new one through it’s paces a little bit playing a game. Both Saturday and Sunday I literally spent most of that time stuffing my fat ugly looking face and the other part of that time I just spent watching games shows, a couple movies and sleeping. Oh and Friday night / Saturday morning waiting on the damn power company to fix the power. Eight hours in one week is enough of not having power.

Another week is upon me. I am waiting on a package on Monday and working. Other than that, I am not doing a damn thing. It sucks to be alone in this world. I guess I will live — for now!


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