Another Weekend Gone, Another Week Has Started

Well here we are again. Another weekend has ended and the new week has begun. I wasn’t that productive as I thought I would be this past weekend. I mean, I did get a few things done but not much else was accomplished. I didn’t even want to play on the computers this weekend. I took Friday off. I went to my phycologist; we talked and I had him feel out some paperwork that I had to get for work, so they can continue my work place accommodation. I’ll hear back from them in a few days. After that I came home and had some breakfast, gave myself a shot of insulin and then I took a small nap. Decided after the nap to head to Walmart for groceries. This was my first time back at Walmart since March. Most of the time I just got food from Amazon. Got a few things I wanted and then head back home. After that it was just basically me sitting on the couch and watching TV. I pretty much stayed there for the rest of the weekend. Of course I was still playing things over in my head about the events that took place with a friend of mine and me not wanting to sell my laptop. I have no heard from him since then. Nothing I can do about it. I appreciate all his efforts in putting my computers together. Probably will have to do that myself from now on. Saturday I had a eye doctors appointment. We are trying out new contacts but the problem with the new contacts is I can not see up close. So I can’t wear them. I had to change back to my previous contacts to be able to see. I go back this Saturday for a follow up.

Well that is it. Nothing else going on or happening. My life as always is boring as hell. Guess I will go have some cereal and watch some TV. What a waste.


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