Jack Talk – 2020 – Biden

Look and listen. I don’t care who Biden picks as his VP. If it’s not the person I want, I am still going to support the choice he made. I will not bash that choice and I will vote for Biden. When he names his running mate all you Democrats better get behind that pick 1000000%. Forget your purity tests and any other bullshit you can think of. We shall not have a repeat of 2016. Get behind Joe and his running mate. If you do what you did in 2016 (Some of you bashed Hillary NON STOP) we will get Trump for another four fucking years and NO ONE WANTS THAT. Stop your petty bullshit and support the nominee and his running mate. Keep your personal grievances to yourself. We must have unity if we are to defeat Trump. Do I make myself clear? I don’t have time for bullshit this year. We must defeat Trump. If you bash Biden or his nominee you are apart of the problem and not the solution. Thanks for coming to my Jack talk. Screw Ted Talks. 


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