Welcome to September…….

Well, if it isn’t another month already. Since March and COVID-19 time seems to me flying by. Today marked the 1st time I have been back to the movies since everything shut down. I went to see Tenet in Dolby Cinema. It was a good movie. I really enjoyed it. The theater was not packed. Maybe a total of 10 people in there and everyone was wearing there masks. I will try and go see a couple more movies. Not that many movies out yet that I really want to see but, I am sure I will go see some more. It felt good to get out of the house and go to the movies. As long as everyone does their part to stay safe we should all be good.

I applied for another position at work last week. I hope to hear back from them soon and get an interview. We’ll see, if not then I will go back to what I was doing at work before this temporary change.

Oh and it is a holiday weekend. Big fucking deal. For someone who has few friends it will just be three days off. Well, 3 1/2, I took a half of a day today. That is the main reason I went to the movies. Not to mention the candy and soda was free! I think tomorrow I will seek out a CVS and get a flu shot. Normally I would get a free flu shot at work but since our office is closed now, they won’t be offering that anymore. I am not sure how much I am charged for a flu shot. I’ve never had to pay for one.

Well that is it from me. Nothing much else is going on. I might go to Walmart on Sunday to get some food or I will order from Amazon. Though Amazon is having a hard time keeping things in stock.

I’d say how I am really feeling but why the fuck bother.


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