Healthcare is fucked up in Tampa and all around the US.

Suddenly Express Scripts says I need a preauthorization for Ozempic, a medication I have already been taking for 6 months. My DR decides to join a new practice and now can’t do anything until I come see her at the new practice. This kind of shit pisses me off. The jumping through hoops is what caused me to stop treat before. This shit keeps up and I am done again. Fuck fighting with the god damn people. Then I had an appointment with a urologist this morning at 745am about elevated PSA levels and he said his office would call me back to set me up for more blood work to confirm the last test and guess what. Not a damn soul called me back. So, if they don’t care, why the fuck should I? I hate the hoops we have to jump through just to get decent medical care. I have fairly good insurance, so I don’t get it. It’s about time to give up again. Not going to deal with this shit. Just makes me so fucking angry. I do everything I am asked, I’m always on time, I follow direction but yet I get the short end of the stick. Oh well. Fuck it all.


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