As I do Every Friday and Saturday Night

Here I sit, just like I do every Friday and Saturday night. I sit her wondering what I am going to do for the night. What do I end up doing? Nothing. Like always. I sit/lay here and watch TV. Or I sit on the computer and surf the interwebs. I’ll sit on the PC and listen to music, or lay on the couch with my phone and watch TV while surfing apps on my phone. It’s the same damn thing. Every fucking day or night.

Tonight I am in one of my moods. I am either going to go lay on the couch and watch TV ( which would be the smart thing to do ) or maybe I will drink. I have a full bottle of rum and plenty of soda. Plus I am stocked up on ice to get me through the night, either until I pass out drunk, get sick or just get bored and go to bed. Or maybe I will get on a site and find a hookup? haha. Naw! But I will tip virtual strippers’. You have to be safe during COVID-19.

Well, I guess I will drink, listen to music and tip some virtual strippers. My life sucks. No one wants to listen to my problems. Well, my doctor does but that is because I have to pay him. Seriously, all it would take a couple hundred units of insulin. It would be painless. But I digress. Would need to a Will and letter, but I digress. Maybe it is time to work on those at some point in the future.

That’s all for now! Later gator! Time for some rum and coke and bad decisions.


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