The Year is 58% Done

The Year is 58% Done

Well, this year is going by very fast. They say that time files when you are having fun, but so far I have not had a lot of fun. Still slowly going through life. I turned one year older this week. I made it to the ripe old age of 46. Oh what fun. Didn’t do anything fun. I sat on the couch and watched Star Trek and Star Trek: TNG all day. Oh, and had some Skittles. I probably should not eat those things. Being a type 2 diabetic and having to take Humalog 75/50 Insulin, Ozempic and Jardiance. These three COSTLY medications have really helped me get my sugar from 12.4 A1C all the way down to 5.8 A1C of my July labs. I even adjusted some of my bad eating habits. I did not fix them all but I did fix a lot of them and that really helped. Now, I just need to get off my ass and exercise. BUT…. The problem is I just can’t get motivated. It was be easier to get motivated if I had someone to do things with. But no one goes out of their way to be friends with me. I could really say a lot about this last thing but I am going to digress on this one now.

I have a lot of Monday through Friday “friends” at work. We have a good team of people. Some are very fun, strange and others just damn right crazy and those who believe the Earth is flat and the government is out to control you. That is what makes it all fun. We do these “Zoom” meetings on Friday where we sent a good part of the day video chatting and working. It’s fun and it makes the go by so much faster. I really do work with some really cool people, but I am just that Monday through Friday friend, because NO ONE is hitting me up on the weekends. I suppose that is okay. Literally NO ONE goes out of their way to hang out or anything like that. I wish I was more of a person that people liked but I am not, but that also is okay. That is my lot in life. I am much like my Mom was, a loner. She didn’t have any outside friends other than family members and MOST of them are assholes and losers, specially my brother and sister. They are druggies, drunks and losers. They didn’t even call when our Mom passed. So fuck them. I have not heard from them since MY Mom passed away in 2017. It’s still hard to believe she passed away so long ago. It still feels like it was yesterday sometimes.

I believe that is all I have to talk about right now. Can’t think of much else. I pretty well covered it. It’s not like anyone reads my rather boring blog.


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