Boring Weekend So Far

Boring Weekend So Far


It’s been a boring weekend so far. No excitement, no plans. I did go to Publix and bought some soda and piece carrot cake. Yummy. I had a small piece after I had a little bit of lunch. Some days I wish I had an eating disorder. I’d like to be skinny and desirable. Well, we know that is not going to fucking happen.

We have had a lot of rain today. Where I live the roof was going to be re-roofed, (I do not know if that is a word) but because of the rain they will now be waiting till Monday. Just great. Monday I am working. I really don’t want to hear banging all day. Probably going to have a massive headache and be bitchy. I took a small pic of the weather.

After the down pour

It should be raining for the next few hours. As long as the roof stuff doesn’t come flying off and hit my car, I don’t care if it storms. I actually like storms. Love the thunder and the lightning. When it thunders loud it kind of scares/startles me. We just have a few hours left of rain. So, in the meantime I have the radar up on my other screen so I can see what is coming. Also, somewhat paying attention to Dateline. It’s a story of sex, murder and cheating. That is what most of their stories are. My favorite person to watch on Dateline is Keith Morrison. He just has a way of telling a story.

Well, I think that is all I have for now. Going to watch some more TV. I have a lot to still watch, and I do like to save somethings on Sunday. Mood wise, I am still depressed. Only on one medication to manage it. I am shocked that nothing else has been prescribed. Hope if read this, you liked it. Forgive any mistakes. I am not a writer. I always wish I could do that, but I haven’t been blessed with any talents. I am not even a foot note in history. More like a small period or maybe even a comma. I hold out hope that I will meet something who is into me and the things I am into and vice versa. I speed every night and every day alone. I spend them alone and then I go to my “dark place” I am mostly depressed, and I do think about what it would be to die by my own terms. OK, I am done now. Thanks for reading. I tried to keep it light today but that would not be me. So, I end this post with depression.

Take care. That’s all I got for now. Will post again soon or sometime in the future. Whenever the mood strikes me.


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