Look At Apartments Online

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This will be a very brief post. I looked online at some apartments. So very expensive. There is no real reason for it, other than people going greedy as fuck. I see a few I like but it will also mean I will need to downsize. I am going to need to sell a lot of stuff. I am very depressed over it. I keep hoping that somehow by the grace and miracle of God that I get to stay here. I am hoping the 90 days will be enough time to get all this crap taken care of. I am not sleeping much because at night when I try to sleep my mind becomes overwhelmed and I get a feeling and since of impending doom. COVID has fucked everything up, BIG TIME. When COVID hit we had a dumb fat ass orange for president. I’m a good renter. I pay on time; I am never late. That should count for something. Greed is killing this planet and I really don’t want to be a part of it anymore. I’ll keep going into my mind and pretend I am in a different universe and my life is what I wanted most. It’s the perfect place but sadly my consciousness is stuck in this fucked up universe.

On one happy note, I went to see DC League of Super-Pets and enjoyed it. I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars. I watched it in Dolby Cinema. That is my favorite format to watch movies in. IMAX is next then the normal digital format.


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