Apartment shopping has me in a mood.

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Well, I am still searching. NO ONE calls you back, no one responds to emails anything at all. I did get my first rejection though. That is something and it is a place I kind of really wanted to move. She did say that the apartment manager is out, and she may approve it when she returns to the office. She is out sick. So, there is still hope. Maybe little to known but there is still hope. They charge $85.00 just to be rejected and you don’t even get your money back and that’s not fair. You should not be able to keep my very hard-earned money. I am not made of gold; I am not like some of you who can take vacations every fucking month. Seems like some of you are always way. Yes, Facebook friends, I do pay attention. LOL. But you clearly are better than me. You probably made many better decisions than I clearly did. Probably grew up in a great family too. I won’t get into all that right now.

I am so sick of all this, and I have only been searching since 7/25/22, way to fuck up my birthday, landlord lady. I had much respect for her, but not anymore to spring this one me and literally the last fucking minute. Even though lease is up 10/31/22 it’s still not much time when places have long waiting lists. I have applied to two, I will apply to more as soon as people call me back. I am going to keep searching. I am now going to look of moving out of the Tampa area, maybe go to some surrounding county and city. I really hope something happens soon for me. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I won’t be homeless, I will be dead before I will ever be homeless again. Not going to fucking happen.

I guess some good news is that my boxes will be here soon. Not sure if that will even matter. But at least the people who clean up after will not have such a difficult job if everything is already packed and ready to be thrown in the trash or given to Goodwill.

If you want to help me offset my cost of new apartment shopping, feel free to Cash App at $Jackamus or @Jackamus for Venmo. Also, use PayPal and Apple Pay. I will not refuse any type of help. It’s expensive and I was caught off guard or I could have better prepared. No shame in my game. Why should it matter, I might not be long for this world. If you like to read about my depressing life, you can scroll all the way to the bottom and enter your email address to get the latest black cloud posts.

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