Still looking. I Still Have Some Time, but not much.

Still looking. I Still Have Some Time, but not much.

So, just sitting here working and typing this blog in-between things I have to do at work. As you can guess this post is going to be about my hunt for an apartment. I am looking in Clearwater, Lakeland, St. Pete and Tampa areas for an apartment. I have found a couple places that will work well for me, only if I can get an apartment complex accept me. This shit is so damn annoying and expensive. As I have said before, App Fees, Admin Fees, Just Because Fees are so ridiculous. It’s just a way to get more money out of people who are struggling, like me!

Not A Real Doctor. LOL

Then yesterday I had to take 5 1/2 hours off because of a lot of stress dealing with this. Then today, I have a doctor’s appointment for absolutely nothing other than a checkup and to be seen in person. That way when I need something I can go back to virtual appointments. Such a hassle. Also, anytime I take off is UNPAID, I either have to do “Overtime” to make up for the missing hours, but the hours offered are crap. If I can just get an apartment and make it to next year, things will get better, I am sure.

I did pack some yesterday and got about 10 boxes packed, sold two TV’s and one Xbox. I have a few other things I think I need to sell so I can have more money to move into a new apartment and use less credit cards for this whole damn process. Next, I need to prepare my iPhone 12 Pro Max for sell and probably a MacBook Pro (Intel, 2019). It will help with some of the expenses. I’ll post at least the phone on Facebook and eBay later today. It did not cost me this much last time to move but it’s been 14 years. After 14 years being kicked out so her family can move in.

Well, that is all I have for now! Thanks for reading.


If you want to help me offset my cost of new apartment shopping, feel free to Cash App at $Jackamus or @Jackamus for Venmo. Also, use PayPal and Apple Pay. I will not refuse any type of help.


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