KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED. Apt Hunting HELL might be about to END!!!!!!! OMG, PLEASE!

KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED. Apt Hunting HELL might be about to END!!!!!!! OMG, PLEASE!

Apartment hunting is still going like shit. It’s just more apply and application fee and or admin fees. Most are bogus attempt to get more money out of a person. I am now close to $500 in fees. I can’t keep this up. I have been waitlisted for one or three complexes. I am still crossing my fingers that I will land myself at nice apartment at a fair rate. HAHAHA! Fair rate? Greed kills. I just did an app for an apartment in St. Pete. I really don’t want to live over that way. But, if I have to, then I have to. Just keep wishing me luck. The struggle is real.

New Floor Plan

(Updated) Well, I guess I will have a small update later. I have to call this one complex that emailed me back and sent me a notice that I was approved for an apartment. It will require me to move all the way out to Lutz. Which is about an hour drive from where I am. So, if it comes to pass and that this is real then I should be able to move out by October1st or so. Ending (with permission) my lease just at one month early. Which then mean my timeline for moving has been compressed and I will need to get a move on with packing. Too bad I don’t have a lot of friends in Tampa who would come and help me.

Outside of new apartment

I am really excited if I get this apartment. They also have a lot of fees. Fees are what I would be drowning in for some time and hope that work offers some extra hours for me to be able to afford to move without HUGE amounts of debt. So far, this place has cost me just about $70.00 for application fees and rounded. I believe there is a $250.00 admin fee that is next and then the deposit of $1125.00, I’ll have that on Thursday, that I have to send to them overnight or drive it up. Will probably be better to mail it. I will chat with them today about it. If all goes according to my plan, then my next step is to hire movers for all the big things and boxes. So, I am looking forward to this. I am NOT looking forward to moving or real apartment life after all these years in a private apartment. I am going to also place my MacBook Pro up for sale. I wanted $1125.00 from it but not sure I can get that much. I night have to for about $800 which I think is a totally fair price. I don’t want to sell it, but I will if I need to. I have sold other TV’s Xbox and an iPhone 12 Pro Max all with the intent of keeping costs low, but quickly find out all that goes to a credit card to pay off other bills. I think I am on firm footing. Hoping for the best.

If you want to help me offset my cost of new apartment shopping, feel free to Cash App at $Jackamus or @Jackamus for Venmo. Also, use PayPal and Apple Pay. I will not refuse any type of help.



PSS: Maybe, JUST MAYBE, I won’t have termites or the occasional mouse.


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