Received Welcome Letter to New Apartment “Updated”

Received Welcome Letter to New Apartment “Updated”

I got my welcome letter to the new apartment complex. It’s official as it is going to get. I will be moving the week of 10/03/2022. I will call on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday for me) to set up new power company and using Spectrum internet because Fiber or VZ 5G Home Internet are not available at the new address. Sucks, I will miss both of those internets! Oh and I need to hire movers also. Because not a soul or friend has offered to help me move but I also didn’t expect much because I haven’t asked anyone, soooo. Still its the intent that matters.

I did also manage to sell a few things that helped or is helping to bring down the cost of moving. Sold a couple TV’s for well below what they are worth used. Sold a gaming machine, cell phone and a laptop, with the later two being sold at a very good price. I took a loss. Kind of feel some ways about it, but oh well, I digress. It is, what it is, lesson learned. Well, maybe a couple lessons learned. Sold for far less than I should have, I could have made more. Or maybe not, I know what happened and it’s my fault for giving in to easy. There is more to this than I want to say, mostly because they are internal feelings, thought and emotions. I am still trying to raise all the money I need to fund this unanticipated and costly move. I have no wiggle room, nothing. I was caught 150% off guard. I have to fund movers and getting power with a new electric company.

The move still has me very nervous. Not gonna lie, gonna be odd living outside of Tampa. Had a feeling… Lost that feeling. I am jumbled mess of feelings and emotions. I ended up getting a crush on the wrong person. Some faint hope of trying to make friends with people I have nothing in common with. Moving to Lutz is going to limit who I can hang with. I know nothing about Lutz. Hopefully, I will only have to live there a year or two and then I can move back to Tampa. I’m too fucking old, poor and ugly for new challenges. Not that I hang with anyone. You know, just myself. My time to meet someone is quickly running out. Age and time are making their presence known and are NOT on my side. You see how quickly anything that is the slight bit positive can turn the wrong way.

OK, that’s it. That is all I have for now. It’s only 2pm but it feels like it should be 5PM or 7PM. OK, that is all. Bye Bye! Bless your heart if you made it this far and you can leave comments on this post.

If you want to help me offset my cost of new apartment shopping, feel free to Cash App at $Jackamus or @Jackamus for Venmo. Also, use PayPal and Apple Pay. I will not refuse any type of help. I so appreciate the help I have got from one or two people.



PS: Check back from time to time, as I will update the post sometimes after the fact.


  1. Connie

    Sooooooooo happy the move is coming together. If I could, I would gladly help, but a 56 year old woman with severe vertigo is NOT someone who could help. But I will continue to pray that the move is seamless. Love you kiddo!!!

    • Thank you. I am only giving people a hard time. Still little lost but we’ll see what happens.

  2. Lisa Meddleton

    So glad you found a place, time to make new friends, you got this Jack

  3. Bryon

    I’m so glad you found a place. I’ve been worried about you.

  4. Bryon

    Oh, and I hear you about that whole “age and time are not on my side” thing. I’m clearly going to be single for the rest of my life. (Which is still better than being with the ex.)

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