Power Company Set to Turn on Services and others.

Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative, Inc is the name of the new power company. I actually had to pay a deposit fee and connection charge came to a huge $347.75. It is what it is, I need power. They also have a prepaid program that would have been cheaper, but I won’t explore that until after I am moved in.

Next up on my hit list of things to do will be to call Spectrum and have internet ready for me to get start right to work, as I will have little or no downtime. I am going to miss having fiber internet.

Now I am hunting around for the least expensive movers. This moving shit is for the birds. I am hoping all goes well because no one has offered (who can) help me to move. But I digress. It will be painful to move. I am so use to everything here where I am at in South Tampa, but nothing I can find here is affordable anymore. I am going into debt just to move. Rent control now.

I am continuing to pack. I have a bit of things to still go through. I should be packed by the end of next week. Besides, I am taking my time.

Well that is all I really have for now. Thought I would provide an update. I’ll have more to chat about soon.

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