Power Company Set to Turn on Services and others.

Power Company Set to Turn on Services and others.

Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative, Inc is the name of the new power company. I actually had to pay a deposit fee and connection charge came to a huge $347.75. It is what it is, I need power. They also have a prepaid program that would have been cheaper, but I won’t explore that until after I am moved in.

Next up on my hit list of things to do will be to call Spectrum and have internet ready for me to get start right to work, as I will have little or no downtime. I am going to miss having fiber internet.

Now I am hunting around for the least expensive movers. This moving shit is for the birds. I am hoping all goes well because no one has offered (who can) help me to move. But I digress. It will be painful to move. I am so use to everything here where I am at in South Tampa, but nothing I can find here is affordable anymore. I am going into debt just to move. Rent control now.

I am continuing to pack. I have a bit of things to still go through. I should be packed by the end of next week. Besides, I am taking my time.

Well that is all I really have for now. Thought I would provide an update. I’ll have more to chat about soon.

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