Welcome to May and Happy Mother’s Day

Welcome to May and Happy Mother’s Day
We continued the journey.

Hope everyone who reads this blog is doing well. Things here at Jack’s place seem to be good now and I hope that everything continues to go well. I am in a good mental spot right now. But that can change because depression is a real bitch.

Let’s see what else is going on. Work is going well. No serious issues. I am getting used to my new role. As most know I am not a Tech Support Analyst. I do like my new job. I help customers three days a week and two days a week I am offline doing my analyst work. This is just the start. I just keep hoping that everything will continue to go well at work and look forward to many projects we will be working on.

Now, let’s talk about my weight loss. As everyone knows, my weight in July of last year was around 235-240 pounds. I was and still am an ugly ass, However, my weight now has dropped down to 177-180. So, weight loss continues at a slower place. What I know that I need to do is get off my ass and start walking more. I stopped. But I get bad anxiety about walking in public, so I tend to get all in my head. I have added a graphic that shows more of my weight loss. My eating habits are good and bad at times. I must start watching more of what I eat. I eat some bad stuff for food, but I am still getting better. Also, my A1C was the lowest it ever has been at 5.6 as of my last doctor’s visit. I was very happy with that. I am sure it will go up on my next visit. My App says I am at 5.9 but I will take it, my height number was around 12.4 when I started my journey to get my sugar under control. It’s taken a while and I started this journey just before the COVID Pandemic hit the world. If we had a better president at the time, which should have been Hillary Clinton, she would have had this under control while the previous occupant of The White House thought it was all a joke and as a result hundreds of thousands of people died that did not need to.

Well, let’s move on to my love life. Well, there is nothing to report, so we shall move on. It’s my fault. I don’t think I want to date anyone, but I am more that sure no one wants to date me, if they do, they haven’t made it clear to me and certainly haven’t hit on me. We just move to the next thing. LOL.

That is all that I have for now thanks for reading. Also please go to www.jackamus.com to read this and sign up to get notified when I make a new most. You’ll get an email, and I don’t send out emails other than that and that is built on Word Press. Also, you can leave comments on the website. Thanks for getting this far. Take care. Love ya! — Jackamus

PS: Hey Kevin if you are reading this today! LOL


  1. Lisa M

    Glad you are doing well and things are good.

  2. Connie Knight

    Sounds like everything is going good and that makes me happy. Love you bunches. ❤️

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