WOW! It’s the 1st of July! So much to say!

WOW!  It’s the 1st of July! So much to say!

WOW! Half of this year is over. Where the hell did the first half of the year go? This year is going by so fast. My head is spinning just thinking about it, or that could just be the Lyrica. HaHaHa. I’ve accomplished almost nothing, but a few good things have happened in the first part of the year. The first thing that was good was I didn’t have to take severance from my job because somehow, I don’t know how, but my interview for Tech Support Analyst somehow went well and I landed the role, and I am incredibly happy about that. Now to hope another layoff doesn’t hit my department which is all digital teams. But then came the layoffs a second time this year, our digital department was spared since we already got hit earlier in the year. But our voice team got hit badly and a lot my friends (well, co-worker friends) are getting laid off between now and the end of the year. Some will be able to stay since the voice team will still exist but will be much smaller. I’ll miss my friends in our voice department who decided to leave. They are all great people and I hate to see them go. I only wish them the best of luck in the future and landing a new role somewhere else where they will be happy. So, this is the first thing that happened this year and I am happy I got to stay and landed a new role.

The second thing that I think is good and it’s a small thing, nothing major. I got an offer of renewal for my lease in June. So, I signed it right away and will be staying in Pasco County for one more year. My new lease will end in October of 2024. And my rent only went up $40.00 so that was a blessing that it did not go up much. I am happy with where I live. It’s usually quiet and very peaceful. I can go for a walk around the complex to get some exercise. So, there is that. That is another good thing that happened to me this year.

Now let’s talk mental health and exercise. As some of you know I do suffer from depression and anxiety and always have. The last few weeks I have been very depressed, and I do mean very depressed. Last week I was in a very dark place. I did not want to be around people, I didn’t want to talk to people and that includes work folks. I just wanted to do my job and be left alone. My supervisor noticed something going and reached out to me but shut her down. I told her I was fine. But then I decided she needed to know what was going on. I hate having to explain that to her, but I had too, and my psychologist told me I did the right thing. So, we had a chat and I advised her of the basics. She was receptive and seemed to understand. We’ll see later how she treats me if it was a mistake. Because on Thursday the dark cloud in my mind started to go away and I felt better. I could see life again because, like I told my psychologist, I was in a bad/dark place. I told him I was looking at which pills would be the easiest to take and be done with it. But it was just thoughts and of course I didn’t take any action on it. So, for those that like me, I am still here to post memes and try to just have fun online. You should also. Now some will ask why did you post this? Well because it is part of my therapy so I can express it. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about things, so I express it all out in my blog. As many of you know I am not a writer, but I do attempt to make this readable for you. I am also incredibly happy that some people do read, and I love the comments of support you send me, those are important to me and make me feel like someone else is listening and that they do care. Connie and Cindy, your comments are so nice, and I love them, thank you both for the love and support. It means a lot to me.

Well, that’s it. I got another blog post done. Wonderful way to start the next half of the year. I hope the second half of the year goes well for me and everyone else. Both mentally and money wise. Thank you all for the support and love.

Take Care and Much love to all of you,



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