I Survived Surgery

I Survived Surgery
Battle Wounds

Well, it has been an interesting start to the month. I’ve had my gallbladder removed on 08/15/2023 and I am out on short term disability while I take time to recover. Sitting at the computer is limited. If I sit too long, then my stomach starts to hurt. My gallbladder was my first ever sugary. I looked like I was stabbed four times. Well, technically I was. I’ve included a picture of my battle wounds. They are healing nicely but I am still having some stomach discomfort and pain. Eating has returned to normal, which is fine. I am still not using the restroom like I want to. Sadly, a lot of the medication I take for type 2 diabetes causes constipation but the result I get from them is wonderful. I can handle the side effects. My A1C is down to 5.6, so the diabetes is well controlled. I have also gone from 240 pounds down to 172 pounds over the course of the last year or so.

I am thankful to my friend Shannen for being a great friend and taking me to surgery and bringing me home and making sure I was okay after the surgery. She even brought me a little gift the next day and stopped and CVS and got me some medication. I am very thankful for all her help. She came through for me when I really needed a friend. I’ve also included a picture of the Baby Grogu she gave me. It makes me feel better. That was super sweet of her. I just wish that some of my other friends whereas comforting. But it’s okay. It made me think about my friends and the impact they have on my life. Outside of a couple, I really have no friends and I am alone. I just wish others would have stepped up. Anyway, I am moving in from that. I am in a good place right now.

Can’t believe I have been in my apartment for a year now. October 7th, 2023 will have been one year. The apartment has been better than I expected and a lot of the places I need to go are remarkably close to me. However, I always make plans to go to places that are close as I hate to drive to places. I start on my second lease in a few weeks. They have raised the rent by $40.00 which honestly is not that bad. I just wish I were not forced to pay for amenities that I really don’t need or want. I don’t need trash pickup; I can take it down myself. I don’t need cable TV. I am okay paying for internet. Sadly, it is through Spectrum, and I really miss having my Frontier fiber. But I will say that Spectrum has not been bad at all. The service has been good. Since I work from home, I need reliable internet. I also am trying T-Mobile Home Internet and it works great so far. I can see the tower that I get the signal from. Overall, I like the service and will keep it for now as a backup. I do connect several devices to it, so it is using data.

My job as a Tech Support Analyst is going very well. Overall, my performance is Leading and that is an exceptionally good thing. We have some changes coming in September. We are going to be offline 4 days a week and online 1 day a week. 4 days a week we will be working on projects and taking deep dives into the data and trying to make our place of work a better place with better procedures and policies. I look forward to the exciting recent changes. Hopefully, nothing has changed since I have been off work since 08/15/2023.

Well, that was a lot. So, I guess for now, I am done. This was a long, long post and I have no posted since July. So, I wanted to catch up with the very few people who read my little blog on the big, big internet. Take care everyone!!

Bye, love ya, and thanks for being a friend,



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