It’s been a while. So, how are things?

It’s been a while.  So, how are things?

I haven’t really had any issues since the surgery to remove my gallbladder. I have gained a little weight and that annoys me. I am a 48-year-old, slightly overweight gay guy. NO one is going to want me. Even if I am looking much better than I used to be. My mental health is under control. Other than that, things are all right. However, I am a very lonely person. Which leads to right there I have bad depression, like tonight. Feel empty and alone. Work is great since I to be a CS Process Analyst. It’s a lot of work and I like it. I am so happy that I got this role. Otherwise, I would be unemployed, homeless, and dead. But I digress. I am missing less work under FML, and it is unpaid each time, so as a result I lose a lot of money. My cart insurance when up to $215 a month. When I first started with Progressive. My payment was only $140. I don’t get it. I have a clean driving record. They are basing it on my credit and my credit sucks. But oh well. I drive my car about once a week. The paint is fading. I want to get it painted but I don’t know. My rent is over $1300 that is up from $900 from the last place I lived at for 14 years. I think. It was a long time, but it started to have issues. On the surface my looks okay but under the surface it is a nightmare. Only if I could get lucky on the lotto or something and then I am pay off all my bad decisions. But I had no luck. Trust me, it’s a hard life. Your best friend hardly talks to me much. Some of it has to do with the time he calls me. I am starting work and in our daily morning seem to get in the way a lot. Not much I can do about it. Look, I am happy to have a job and I love my job. It’s fun and I learn so much. I am getting better with spreadsheets, slides, docs. I am becoming a master making Google Forms and then all the data can be tied to a spreadsheet. I plan to talk to my supervisor when she gets back from vacation. I just need to get a feeling of how I am doing. My monthly leadership review is always great. Currently I am in the “Leading” category. Which is good. I just need to do what I am doing, and things will be great.

Well, that is it. I am not sure I can say anymore. Sometimes it’s hard to say what I want to say. The blog helps me get out some of my feelings. Remember I am not a writer so this blog to some may not make any sense. Hell, I am not sure I even understand it. But I guess I will close it out for now. I will write something again.

Last thing is sending good thoughts and vives to one my most awesome person. She is trying to land another role and I hope she gets it. She’s a great person. She helped me with my surgery. Her name is Shannon. Probably spelled her name wrong. Sorry about that. again, thank you for all that you did to help. You are a ridiculously awesome person. Thank you again for being such a awesome friend. That’s it. Bye………………………

Sorry if none of it makes sense. Take care, Hugs!!

Happy Thoughts Sent To All Of You,

Jackamus (Jack)


  1. Cindy

    Hi Jack,

    I am so glad that some things are better, like your job that you really enjoy. Don’t worry about your weight. Who doesn’t gain and lose again constantly? You have to be happy with yourself. Remember you had surgery. Things will change until your body gets used to not having a gallbladder. Call Progressive and let them know you barely drive your car and based on low mileage your premium will be lower. Trust me, I did this. Take it one day at a time. Changes are hard to get used to. Whenever you feel bad stop what you are doing, close your eyes and say: ” I’m alive today, the rest will come”. It helps me. Hope it helps you too. Remember it always helps to vent! Take care, Cindy

  2. Thank you!!! Your kind words make me feel a little better.

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