I Don’t Know What It Is??

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I don’t get why there are nights I cannot just sleep. Right now, I am waiting on CVS to fill a script for me, as they are out of the medication, and it is to help with sleeping. It will cost $80 but I am willing to try it to see if it will help me sleep. It is called Quviviq and like I said I am just waiting to get it filled.

Right now, I am just sitting here listening to music and really wanting to sleep, so I will try that again in a few minutes. Hopefully, I will fall asleep for a little while. If not, oh well.

animal animal portrait animal world annoyed
Me annoyed

But on another note, I pissed off a friend who was helping me with my computer. After some minor change or checking on an issue I had, the PC would lock up, finally tracked it down to software. He thought I was pissed off at him, but I wasn’t. I think I will just need to do shit on my own and stop asking him or anyone else to help with my computers. I will just try and do it myself and if I fuck something up, then I fuck it up. All I wanted was the audio jack to work on the case, but it doesn’t work, so it is either a motherboard issue, software issue or something else but the audio jack has never worked, and I really wish it did. Oh well, at least Bluetooth works, and I guess that will have to be good enough for now. He does act pissed. Sent him two messages on Facebook and he has ignored them all. Well, two can play that game. But I won’t. I am too old for other people’s shit. So, if it wants to ignore my messages than he can. I just won’t talk to them anymore. Why people must act like cunts is beyond me. Trust me, I know they are getting the messages, and they see them. Oh well. Like I said, I will have to try and do things myself. I am sure I can do the things I need but things are more complicated than ever. But I am sure with patience I can do it, so from now on I will do it on my own. Google videos will be my friend. I also wonder if putting a new audio card in the PC and hooking up the audio cable to it will work or make a difference. I honestly hate Realtek audio, it’s cheap audio and sucks ass. I prefer and I have always preferred Creative Sound Blaster sound cards. They usually have great audio, and their software is not bad. Well, that is enough of that.

Oh, and bought new contacts and they suck ass!! I hate them and can’t wear them. I need to see about a refund or for them to give me something else.

Well, that is enough for now. Sorry for the late, early morning rambling. As always, I want to thank those that read this and for those that comment.

Take Care and much love,


PS: My attempt to make shrimp and cheese grits was a disater.


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