We haven’t talked in a while..

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Apologies for my recent absence from posting on my blog. Lately, I’ve found myself less motivated to update it, partly because it seems that only a handful of wonderful individuals take the time to read it. To those few, I extend my heartfelt gratitude; your engagement means a lot to me, and I’d love to hear more from you.

As many of you are aware, I’ve been preoccupied with managing my weight. Currently, I’m hovering around 175-178 pounds, though my body has undergone some changes following the removal of my gallbladder a few months ago. Thankfully, the surgery went smoothly without any complications, and I remain deeply appreciative of my friend Shannen for her unwavering support throughout the process. She’s truly a gem. Regrettably, I can’t say the same for all my acquaintances, or those whom I once considered friends.

Recently, I discovered that a gathering was organized for both former and current colleagues, yet I never received an invitation. While I admit feeling a pang of hurt at being excluded, particularly from those who purportedly consider themselves my friends, I’ve come to accept it. Truthfully, even if invited, the distance would have made attending inconvenient. Nevertheless, the gesture of inclusion would have been appreciated. It’s disappointing when individuals who claim friendship reveal themselves to be otherwise, but I’ve learned to let such matters roll off my back. I acknowledge that I may be a bit challenging to get to know, but kindness goes a long way in bridging that gap. For some, however, extending such basic courtesy seems to be a tall order. Oh well, life moves on.

Overall, things are relatively stable at the moment, and I’m hopeful that it stays that way. I could certainly use a respite from life’s challenges. Although, I did have to shell out over $200 for a new car battery recently, which ate into my budget. Thankfully, I managed to cover the expense with a little money to spare, thanks in part to the assistance of my friend Duy. Duy is a whiz when it comes to both cars and computers, and while I’m no slouch with technology myself, I often defer to his expertise for guidance.


  1. Lisa Meddleton

    hi there, I didn’t get an invite either.

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