Hello again everyone!

Hello again everyone!

Let’s see, what’s on my mind? Not much, really. Just putting in the work every day. I’ve been focusing on clocking in more hours and using less FMLA time, saving up my PTO for later in the year, especially around my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It would be a treat to have all those days off. Actually, I’ve already got the week around my birthday marked off. Can you believe I’ll be turning 49? It’s surreal to think I’m almost 50, assuming I get there.

So far, 2024 seems to be shaping up well. (Fingers crossed) Here’s to hoping it’s a prosperous year for me. I’m aiming to stay on the grind and avoid taking any unpaid time off. Last year, I lost nearly $9000 in pay due to unpaid leave, which really put a strain on finances. It was a struggle to keep up with bills, felt like I was barely staying afloat. But this year seems a tad brighter. (Fingers crossed again.)

Still enjoying living in my apartment complex. No major issues, although recently FedEx messed up and delivered my package to the wrong apartment. Not sure where it ended up. Had to go back and forth with MSI to get them to send a replacement. Finally, they agreed to ship out another one today or Monday. Whoever ended up with the original package, it’s useless to them. Some people can be real jerks. Oh well, looks like it’s sorted now with MSI.

Other than that little snag, not much else happening. I’ve been ramping up my posts on my “I’m With Hillary” Facebook page, now that we’re in the thick of the 2024 election season. I’m throwing my support behind Biden for another term. No way do I want that orange menace back in office. Alright, that’s all for now.

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  1. Connie

    Great update. I love when it falls into place. Love you, kiddo. ♥️

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