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Just a Little Life Update

Life has been alright lately. I have settled into my new apartment. I have unpacked 99% of all my stuff. I wasn’t able to unpack all my CD’s yet, as I have no place or way to display them. I … Continue reading

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“Woke” liberal cry babies

Good morning: Jack’s Morning Musing. I think it’s funny that so many so-called “woke” liberals (and I am a liberal Democrat, so don’t come for me) are leaving Twitter because Elon Musk is now the owner of the social media … Continue reading

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Moving In Has Been Completed

I’ll say this by the time I actually get unpacked it will be time to move again. I did not enjoy this move at all. I was forced to downsize apartments because my former landlord wanted to move some relatives … Continue reading

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Moving Day is Getting Closer

Just a few more days and I will begin my move to a new apartment and town. Not really looking forward to it, but I will have to make the most of it for a couple years. I plan to … Continue reading

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Power Company Set to Turn on Services and others.

Withlacoochee River Electric Cooperative, Inc is the name of the new power company. I actually had to pay a deposit fee and connection charge came to a huge $347.75. It is what it is, I need power. They also have … Continue reading

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