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Fuck Sperm Donors Day

This day is nearly over!

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Boring Weekend So Far

Hello, It’s been a boring weekend so far. No excitement, no plans. I did go to Publix and bought some soda and piece carrot cake. Yummy. I had a small piece after I had a little bit of lunch. Some … Continue reading

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It’s Been A While

As it seems to be a theme with me, I will go months without posting. Sometimes it’s because I have nothing to say or I have something to say, but trust me, it’s so dark you might now want to … Continue reading

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We Stand with Ukraine

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I am boosted! Get boosted too

Here is the latest installment of my experience being in Phase III Human Trials for a COVID Trials of the Novavax Vaccine. Most of the trial has been easy to get shots, (three so far, 5 if you count the … Continue reading

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