07-26-2022 – Experimenting with different themes

07-30-2022 – Added 5 Graphic headers

08-11-2022 – Added generic privacy policy

03-22-2023 – New header image added.

05/2023 – Move to a new server

06/2023 – Moved yet again to a new server. =)

02/02/2024 – We’ve decided to remove the Twitter widget due to the platform’s decline into negativity. Additionally, it’s important to note that we won’t support Elon Musk in any capacity. We’re committed to maintaining integrity and aligning with values that prioritize positivity and responsible leadership.”

02/03/2024 – Updated the theme. Trying out different themes. Keeping the blog fresh for the 2 people who read the blog.

07/06/2024- You may need to clear cache and cookies to see the updated version of my site. Also up at the top of the page is an icon to turn on dark mode or to turn it off.