Reality of Changes to Come.

Reality of Changes to Come.

Well, after not getting any sleep last night tossing and turning all night, I think the gravity of my situation is starting to settle in. I was hoping that all I did was dream yesterday and by some chance there will be a miracle and I get to stay in my current apartment. I don’t know if it is a money grab or what. My current rent is well below what other apartment complex and private landlords are charging. So, she might be making up the story that she wants me to move out so her family members can move in. Either way I am currently depressed about it. Very depressed about it.

Trying to fix and find solutions for moving.

I am going to try and approach moving in three phases. Phase One, I will use August to find a new apartment and to start trashing stuff I don’t need in order to fit in a new apartment. Phase Two will start in September. I will use September to start all the packing. Also, will continue to throw away stuff that I do not need or sell some stuff. Then there will be Phase Three, that will be October and I will use this month to tie up all lose ends. I will also handle all miscellaneous things that I need to finish. Then the expected move date will be 11/04/2022 thru 11/06/22. I really hope everything goes according to my ever-evolving plans for having to move for the first time since 2008.

Thanks for reading.
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