Moving In Has Been Completed

Moving In Has Been Completed

I’ll say this by the time I actually get unpacked it will be time to move again. I did not enjoy this move at all. I was forced to downsize apartments because my former landlord wanted to move some relatives in. Maybe they will enjoy termite season and also the occasional mouse.

The new apartment is okay. It’s not great. It has a few issues and getting ahold of someone in the office to schedule a repair is a pain in the ass. You open a ticket for a repair online and then at 6:05, the close the fucking ticket saying it has been completed. NO, THE FUCK IT HAS NOT. I still have leaky sink and is starting to form a small lake under my kitchen. This place is closed on the weekends so trying to get something fixed here sounds like it going to be a chore. I am not sure I like this place yet or not. I did accomplish setting up my “office” computer and my thin client for work. So, a few things are coming together but not like I wanted it to be. By the damn time I get unpacked it will probably be time to move again. I don’t want to stay in Lutz long. I don’t know where anything is at and getting around seems to be a chore. Someone is moving in below me today and they are still moving in at this hour making a whole bunch of damn noise. They need to knock that shit off soon. Or I will start stomping my godman feet until they stop. My old apartment had its issues but at least it was quiet, and NO ONE bothered me.

Tomorrow, I plan to do some grocery shopping. I am going to use my gift card I have for Amazon to help me save on food for a couple weeks. Tomorrow morning, I will wake up and have some biscuits and gravy. That’s really all I have here.

I do know this. This was a very tough time for me. It really changed my world up and the people who I thought I could count on for emotional support, well they dropped the fucking ball. I’m somewhat angry and bitter about it and probably will be for some time. Even some of my Tampa friends (if I can call them that) really dropped the ball also. When life gets tough your true friends will come out others will just hide away and make fucking excuses. I have a long memory when it comes to crap like that.

Other than that, I don’t have a lot to say. I am just trying to figure this whole mess out. It just feels so damn odd to be in this apartment and not my old apartment for fourteen years. I sure over time I will get used to it. But do I really want to? I don’t see myself staying here for fourteen years, but rent is too expensive. There is no reason for it. Just a bunch of rich people trying to get richer at the expense of others. Just when everything was on track for me to get better and more stability. This moves bullshit happens. It would be nice if I could just enjoy life but no. Something always has to get in the fucking way. I’m tired of it!!


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