Just a Little Life Update

Just a Little Life Update

Life has been alright lately. I have settled into my new apartment. I have unpacked 99% of all my stuff. I wasn’t able to unpack all my CD’s yet, as I have no place or way to display them. I have appx 600+ CD’s. I still like physical media. Streaming is great but nothing beats a CD or 4K Disc.

The apartment complex is mostly quiet and no real issues so far. Just had a kitchen sink issue and they have fixed that. I think what I love most are two things. The fact the apartment stays cool, and my first power bill was under $100. Not sure how the next one will be. I think what I like most, after so many years. I love having a washer and dryer. My last apartment had NO hookup so I can have to do it myself and the laundromat or most of the time I paid them to do it. I didn’t want to say at the laundrymat for 4+ hours.

The stress of the move caused me a lot of weight loss. I went from approximately 235+ down to 195-197. I have started to walk daily. Expect when we have a hurricane. I try and walk from 1.25 miles to 2.0 miles a day. Since I have to walk on my lunch, I usually get thirty minuities of walking in and usually get about 1.5 miles. I plan to try and push myself on the weekends when I can walk a little later in the day and have more time to talk. I want to try and do 2.0 to 2.5. I really want to keep the weight off. I feel better, I look a little better, not much. I am still ugly and fat, so I don’t expect to have a boyfriend anytime soon. Hell, I have been single for over 10+ years and I am 47 and in gay terms, I am literarily dead to people. It sucks being alone sometime, but I entertain myself with porn, (lol), Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC games and well, lots of TV. I watch way too much TV.

Everything else is life is alright. I am still living paycheck to paycheck. The huge increase in rent has taken away all my extra money. So, I have to be careful what I spent my cash on and I am still not very good at that. Would be nice to win the lotto but I have to play it first. I would not know what to do if I won millions and millions of dollars. I’d buy my old apartment (it’s also a business below it) I would then tear it down and let it be an empty lot. I liked the apartment, but it had some issues.

Well, that is all I have for now. That is the latest update. Have a fun weekend and take care!



  1. Elaine Webb

    Glad that you are finding some things to love about your new place, And glad that you’re feeling better after the weight loss and increased activity. You may weigh more than you would like but you are not fat and ugly. Remember that we can only let others love us as much as we love ourselves so it’s really hard to find a healthy relationship until we do love ourselves. I’m a stranger but I follow you because I love your sense of humor and I like learning more about you from your posts. You’re valuable and precious just as you are.

    • Aww, well thank you. Your comment is really nice and it really makes me day! Thank You, I am glad to know a few people out there read my ramblings! 😉

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