Continuing Progress on weight loss.

I am continuing my journey to look and feel better. Thanks to exercise, less and better eating and control of my diabetes. Progress is slow but is happening. I hope I can keep all the weight off and keep up this journey.

July 2022 to January 2023
Progress over the last few months.


  1. Nunya

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am so happy to read all of your blog things man, its nice to hear an update on someone I know! Pretty funny also, well not everything but good sense of humor for sure. Life is GOOD Jack, and it will always get better. Could be better, could be worse but always stay grateful and thankful as much as possible and eventually always! Keep up these post, because you NEVER know who is reading and what energy you are giving them, sometimes helpful, sometimes emotional, sometimes happy from humor… so keep it up SON! Son as in gangsta son, not father son, just in case you white liberal! Also…..

    Its terribly sad what is going on now a days with rent, politics, homeless, migrants, peoples rights, race issues, POLICE issue… and MAGA is a whole another topic…. but seems the majority doesn’t care because its only getting worse… how do we keep voting in racist rich white governors??? We dismiss “them” so much because of the nonsense they spew which makes some seem, by definition, insane and crazy… evidence based facts is what should matter but it doesn’t to most, at least it seems by most, anywhooooo WHERE I AM GOING is please push politics and getting the right people in office and getting people to VOTE, because that is the ONLY thing that can actually do something to change the way things are without a revolution or some shit, which should happen also!!! That’s a nother topic…. anywhooo I will keep in touch.. lets see if you can guess WHOM I BE? Should be easy.

    • I have a pretty good idea who this is based on the wording and your IP address. But, I could always be wrong. Lol

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